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Daddiest of Them All: Bonanza Satrangi's Father's Day Triumph

Bonanza Satrangi

ObjectiveCelebrating Dads, Creating Connections

Bonanza Satrangi, a renowned fashion brand, set out to honor the cherished qualities of fathers and engage their audience with an exciting Father’s Day competition. The primary objective was to build brand awareness, foster user-generated content, and empower hardworking fathers dedicated to their families’ well-being.

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Breaking Through the Father's Day Clutter

The challenge was to create meaningful content for Father’s Day amidst the communication clutter typically associated with this occasion. The goal was to stand out and capture the audience’s attention with a campaign that celebrated fathers uniquely.


Captivating Dads and Their Stories

The campaign, aptly named ‘Daddiest of Them All,’ commenced with a captivating announcement on Facebook and Instagram, piquing users’ interest for the upcoming competition. Participants were encouraged to share heartwarming home videos or describe endearing and humorous moments with their fathers, showcasing their lovable and silly sides.

To amplify engagement, influential bloggers collaborated in a PR initiative, spreading the word and inviting their followers to join. The winners, chosen for their exceptional creativity, received exclusive Bonanza Men gift hampers. Influencers contributed to the campaign’s charm by featuring their fathers in funny videos while wearing the gift hamper items.

The compilation of the best entries immortalized the heartfelt and unforgettable moments shared during the competition. Furthermore, influencer marketing played a significant role, as popular influencers shared delightful pictures on their social media handles, encouraging their enthusiastic followers to participate.

The campaign’s reach extended to two vibrant Facebook groups, “Slay All Day” and “Soul Brothers,” where members embraced the Father’s Day competition, uniting under the campaign hashtags. The selection of top entries within these groups enhanced engagement and fostered a sense of community.

Happy fathers day

Celebrating Dads, Strengthening Bonds

The campaign yielded significant user engagement through the submission of heartwarming videos and comments, generating conversations and increasing brand awareness.Collaboration with influencers expanded the campaign’s reach, attracting new participants and diversifying the audience. The strategic use of hashtags and influencers’ posts helped create a trending conversation around Father’s Day and the brand, further enhancing brand visibility. The PR efforts led to increased visibility and participation from a wider audience, strengthening the campaign’s impact. The campaign successfully showcased the humorous and loving side of fathers, solidifying the brand’s connection with its target audience.