• Bonanza Satrangi
  • Social Media Management

Objective Content That Creates Visual Appeal

Create visually appealing content that stands out amongst the competitors and is relatable to the target audience.


Increased Organic
Reach from 1%


Organic Reach vs Paid Reach

Challenge Build Engagement, Keeping The Audience In Mind

Bonanza Satrangi is a brand that builds its social media content being completely based on the interest of its current and potential customers. In an extremely cluttered industry, it’s a challenge for existing brands to stand out amongst its competitors. When it comes to fashion apparel, the consumers seek to connect with the brand and their mindset. This connect needs to be depicted through the communication of the brand in order to stay relevant to the audience or else it is very easy for them to switch to any other brand as this category is price sensitive and revolves around the latest fashion prints and consistent fabric quality.

Strategy Getting The Right Attribution To Penetrate Reach

As per the Facebook algorithms, it provides organic reach of less than 1% for a static post, any incremental organic reach is solely based on content quality, popularity or engagement it attracts. We had to think out of the box and create communication that was solely based on the interests of our TG and grabs their instant attention.

Result Helped Lift Organic Page Growth

From April 2018, we started creating unique and relatable content for the brand and witnessed a sustained organic reach as high as 3% of the page size, this is 3X better than any other brand and we were able to achieve 45% increase in organic reach vs. paid reach. This increase also helped us with organic page growth and potential to reach out to relevant audience for the brand.