IO Digital at the Yandex Ads Gala Event, Istanbul

December 15, 2023

IO Digital is excited to announce its participation in a landmark event: the Yandex Ads Gala Agency Evening, held in Istanbul, Turkey from December 6th to 8th, 2023. This event signified Yandex’s inaugural international event outside Russia, with a focus on the evolving digital marketing landscape. Representing Pakistan as the sole agency partner on the platform, our leadership team, CEO Syed Muhammad Junaid and COO Touseef Anwar, proudly stood among digital agencies from 16 countries worldwide.

A Milestone Event for Digital Agencies

The Yandex Ads Gala Agency Evening was a significant event in digital collaboration, bringing together digital agencies primarily from the region, including Russia. It provided a unique platform for sharing opportunities and insights about the Yandex ecosystem. The event aimed to unite professionals from various backgrounds, all committed to driving forward the digital marketing industry.

Engaging Workshops & Exclusive Insights

The event’s agenda included a series of enlightening workshops led by Yandex’s International Team and their product, marketing, and agency management experts. Key topics covered were:

  • Yandex Ecosystem: Demonstrating its unique position in a globally diversified landscape.
  • Partnership Opportunities: Discussing trial and loyalty programs, and providing comprehensive support for agencies and their clients.
  • Industry Future Trends: Conversations on Retail opportunities, AI transformation, and a human-forward approach.
  • Product Roadmap: Exploring risk-free campaigns and enhanced performance-based strategies.

Yandex Global Performing Community Meet-Up

A major highlight was the one-on-one meetings with Yandex Ads executives, offering IO Digital and other agencies invaluable insights for business development.

Celebrating Achievements

The event concluded with a gala evening and an awards ceremony, celebrating significant advancements in the digital marketing sector.

IO Digital’s Continued Commitment

For IO Digital, the Yandex Ads Gala Agency Evening represented not just a moment of pride, but also a stepping stone towards further growth. This experience has rejuvenated our dedication to guiding our clients through their digital transformation journeys, with a particular focus on the CIS region, Russia, and beyond.

Connect with Us:

To learn more about how IO Digital can help leverage the Yandex platform for your business needs, please contact us at [email protected]. We’re eager to explore opportunities to elevate your brand to new heights.