IO Social Training

November 11, 2019

As part of a digital agency, we can all relate to having a number of folders choking our laptops, sending several artworks to clients; getting approvals on only some and revisions on most of them. At times all of these processes become quite overwhelming, right? Managing stuff is quite a task on a daily basis, and you can’t afford to be all over the place while working in this dynamic field. 

Guess what? We also got fed up of this chaos and started looking for a solution, and that’s when our team of web experts came up with the idea of this peculiar tool, IO Social. 

This smart tool is all about sharing content calendars, tracking approval & revision processes. Not only does it allow clients to share feedback on captions, creative direction & media investment across different social platforms but it also maintains the archive of approved artworks for future postings.

In short, it saves time, improves efficiency & helps us take a step from now to next.

IO web development team also conducted a short, early morning training session on 11th November 2019. This session focused on making the team learn about the basics of IO Social, taking their feedback & incorporating it where necessary. 

IO team aims to update this tool every now & then, as per the changing needs of our clients & team members. 

P.S. A shoutout to Farooque Bhai’s (our office boy) tea for not letting the team lose their focus!