A Digital Buzz For ‘Ronaldinho & Friends’


ObjectiveUnite The Divided Youth On A Second Most Loved Sports In Pakistan - Football

Our objective of this campaign was to create a digital buzz for Ronaldinho and Friends’ event to Pakistan in July 2017. We managed to own the internet by creating a massive media campaign.


Ticket Sold

15 Million

Videos Views

69.6 Million

Page Impressions

Football kit

Credibility Of The News Was Missing. No One Was Sure If The Ronaldinho Will Even Visit Pakistan

We have always had an eye for talent hunting, spotting the right influencers who could build the credibility to the event and create content in no time to build the momentum. Our challenge was to find a talent that’s not only followed by football fans but also belongs to purpose seekers millennials.


Building Momentum To Drive Awareness Of The Event People Never Even Imagined

We unearthed Irfan Junejo just before we were managing ‘Ronaldinho & Friends’ in Pakistan. Junejo, at that time, had only 4k+ Youtube Subscribers. Back then, Junejo was one of the emerging influencers. Besides being a YouTuber, he was also a football coach which made us place him perfectly for this event. The pick clicked perfectly! We had Junejo making Vlogs for us to cover the event thoroughly. We even provided him access to an in-flight session with the football players where he could do a one-on-one with all the stars and create a Vlog that generated an enormous buzz! It was also a fan moment campaign for Irfan Junejo himself as he was a vital part of the entire campaign and exhibition matches. Blogger outreach helped us create this event into a Twitter trending topic, where hundreds of people were United for Football, talking about the event and giving shout outs. YouTube played an important role in the execution of this campaign. Mastheads were placed to grab instant attention of our audience and was the highlight of this digital media campaign.

Football Pakistan

Generated An Enormous Buzz!

Through this entire campaign, we were able to sell out 28000+ tickets of the event making it an extremely successful event. with page impressions of 69.57mn, video views of over 15mn and digital outdoor takeover across Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. The numbers did translated into device sales of Nokia smartphones, which sky rocketed during and after the event. It was not only Football coming to Pakistan but also act as a launching pad for reviving Nokia in Pakistan.