Travelogue Campaign

Captivating Journeys: Nokia 8 Content Creator Travelogue Campaign


ObjectiveCapturing Creativity, One Journey at a Time

Nokia embarked on a captivating journey to promote the Nokia 8 as the ultimate smartphone for content creators. The primary objective of the campaign was to position the Nokia 8 as the preferred device for content creators by partnering with content creators showcasing device exceptional Boothi (dual camera features) through vlogs.

nokia Campaign

Redefining Excellence Amidst the Digital Deluge

In a saturated smartphone market, the challenge for Nokia was to highlight the unique features of the Nokia 8 that make it stand out as a tool tailored for content creators. Additionally, the campaign aimed to generate substantial buzz through the travelogues while maintaining an authentic portrayal of the creators’ experiences.


Empowering Creativity, Unveiling Innovation

Nokia’s strategy revolved around strategic partnerships and immersive content creation. To achieve this, collaboration with Pakistan’s renowned content creators, Mooroo and Irfan Junejo was done. The creators were equipped with Nokia 8 smartphones to capture their journeys across three diverse destinations: the UK, Amsterdam, and Turkey. The objective was to provide the creators with an opportunity to explore the Nokia 8’s features and demonstrate how it enhances their content creation process with creator and creation being in the same frame.

Travelogue Campaign

Frames of Success: Unleashing Creativity

The Nokia 8 Content Creator Travelogue Campaign achieved exceptional results. Mooroo and Irfan Junejo’s vlogs garnered significant attention across various social media platforms. The campaign’s core message of the Nokia 8 being a content creator’s dream resonated with their followers and a broader audience. The vlogs’ engagement showcased the Nokia 8’s dual camera features and its relevance to content creation.