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Bonanza Satrangi

ObjectiveCelebrate And Encourage Women Who Are Breaking Stereotypes

Bonanza Satrangi is one of the leading apparel and cosmetic brands with the highest outlets in Pakistan. The brand wanted to celebrate and encourage women who are breaking the stereotypes.
Reach out to audiences on digital/social platforms to improve brand presence other than product-led communication.

10.3 Million




7.5 Million


Bonanza Satrangi

Pakistan Being Over Sensitive To Women Empowerment, Staying Brand-Safe Was The Biggest Challenge

Pakistan is being oversensitive and overresponsive with feminine campaigns. Providing a brand-safe campaign with relevant context of the product was the core challenge.

Keeping campaign clutter-breaking and increase noticeability on the women’s day was the second biggest challenge.


Staying Home - Staying Limited

Women contribute to society by taking on many roles in their everyday lives. Staying home is synonymous with staying limited.

When they are at home

When they are out and following their passion

Both of their roles are identified by their actions, behavior, and APPAREL.


Satrangi means multi-color in Urdu Language, it is also the brand name.

A strong creative execution was needed to pull this campaign off with efficiency and effectiveness. After multiple trials and versions, a direction was locked which portrayed a transition of a regular woman into a strong professional woman. This had to be impactful enough to be understood just by one single static image.

To execute this, 5 celebrated women from different professions were chosen. A photoshoot was done in their professional attires and then in Bonanza Satrangi’s apparel. The photoshoot was then designed in such a way that it seamlessly portrayed a transition from regular women to women who are breaking barriers and making moves in their respective professions.

Bonanza Satrangi

Stereotype Broken

The campaign was executed on Facebook and Instagram, along with native content through online publishers.

Content was kept static for impactful one-glance story.