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MOHR – Child Sexual Abuse

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Child sexual abuse is a taboo that is rarely discussed openly by an authoritative entity. This year, Pakistan’s Ministry of Human Rights took an initiative to raise a voice regarding this arising issue. The objective was to build awareness among masses for prevention of child sexual abuse and to report cases to MOHR.


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children rights

The major challenge we faced was to identify the right people who can help us to get our message across to the right target audience. Since such topics are not welcomed by everyone to be discussed, out target was to identify


A 15 day digital campaign based on a video ad was held with a combination digital media, native articles, and a PR activity to achieve maximum reach and talk ability of the campaign. The channels included Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, top tier news and entertainment websites, and local publishers.

children rights

The campaign did extremely well in terms of its visibility and reach. A lot of people showed keen interest in the topic and appreciated the government for taking such initiative. It received 1,777,467 video views, 1,811,924 reach along with impressions of 5,682,132. As a result of efficient media planning, the campaign was able to achieve 621% incremental reach.