Unveiling the Unseen: Zong's Behind-the-Scenes Triumph

zong 4G

ObjectiveThe world behind the camera

Zong, a leading telecommunication brand, embarked on a unique journey to delve into the world behind the camera. The primary objective of the campaign was to capture the behind-the-scenes moments of their iconic TVC, featuring renowned cricketers Jason Roy and Younus Khan, and craft compelling content around it.

10 Million

Video Views

Challenge Culture neutral content

One of the main challenges Zong faced was the need to create content that transcended cultural boundaries. The TVC’s focus on Punjabi culture posed a challenge, as Zong aimed to create content that would resonate with a diverse audience.


Engaging the star players

Zong’s strategy revolved around engaging the star cricket players and capturing the essence of behind-the-scenes activities. To accomplish this, the campaign employed professional equipment to document candid moments, shedding light on the hidden aspects of TVC production. An auxiliary content component was introduced, including a lighthearted Rapid Fire session between Jason Roy and Younus Khan, to further engage the audience.


A remarkable performance

The campaign’s outcome surpassed expectations. The behind-the-scenes (BTS) footage and auxiliary content outperformed the TVC itself, generating a remarkable engagement level. Zong’s social media platforms witnessed an organic surge of over 10 million video views. The campaign’s success was a testament to its ability to resonate with a diverse audience, crossing cultural boundaries and highlighting the universal appeal of candid and relatable content.