Elevating Luxury Living: Eighteen Website Revamp

Eighteen logo

ObjectiveDefining Luxury, Crafting Simplicity

Eighteen, a distinguished luxury property brand, set forth on a mission to redefine their online presence. The primary objective was to revamp their website with a modern, creative, and visually captivating design. The aim was to cater to their niche audience while ensuring a seamless and hassle-free customer journey.


Direct Traffic Increased


No. of Sessions per User Increased


Avg. Session Duration Increased


Google Search Increased


Simplifying Luxury, Navigating Clutter

The challenge lay in transforming a cluttered website into a singularly elegant design. The goal was to eliminate excessive browsing and create a smooth and seamless customer journey. Concising the content flow while preserving its appeal to the discerning audience presented another hurdle.


Crafting Elegance, Enhancing User Experience

Eighteen’s strategy revolved around crafting a website that exuded luxury and simplicity in equal measure. The concise content flow retained the brand’s identity while enhancing user engagement. The modern and visually appealing design was optimized for both desktop and mobile devices, ensuring a consistent experience across platforms.


Elevating Luxury, Amplifying Engagement

The revamped Eighteen website delivered exceptional results, reflecting a significant improvement in user experience and engagement.