Revamping & Refreshing Zong Website

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ObjectiveRevamp A Fresh Look Of Zong Web Ecosystem

The objective of this project was to revamp the existing website and come up with a clean, clutter-free, user-friendly website that has a mobile-first approach and provides a seamless journey to the visitors, while retaining existing traffic.


Increase in Traffic


Increase in Search Engine Impressions


Increase in Search Engine Traffic


Increase in Page Load Speed

Zong 4G

Deliver Seamless UI/UX

The previous website had multiple technical glitches, including non-responsiveness to mobile devices and a cluttered format. Our challenge was to create an easy to understand UI design and a UX that is responsive and quick. Due to extensive information available on the website, too much information was not easy to be re-arranged and redesign along with making sure that when any frequent visitor re-visits, doesn’t feel lost.


Build A CMS Based Mobile First Multi-screen Responsive UI

As a solution, we designed a website with a mobile-first layout approach that was 100% multi-screen responsive UI. We made sure that every information is available on the homepage that then leads to detailed sectioned pages. The website was improved by structuring it according to Google’s guidelines for better discovery and search engine ranking, implementation of google tag manager and lastly implementing CMS. This merged all the previous portals for streamlined workflow and introduced complete workflow management with an improved inventory, order management and a tracking system. Through CMS we also implemented user experience feedback and user product review modules.


Job Delivered

As a result, we witnessed an increase of +20% in traffic along with +75% net addition of new traffic. Due to systematic designing and incorporating the right front end development the page load was increased to +82%