Nokia 3310

Reviving Connections: Nokia 3310 Comeback Campaign

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ObjectiveReminiscing & Relaunching Nokia 3310

Nokia, a prominent telecommunication brand, embarked on a journey to recapture the essence of nostalgia by relaunching the iconic Nokia 3310. The primary objective of the campaign was to tap into people’s fond memories of the Nokia 3310 while promoting real human connections in an era dominated by smartphones.

Nokia 3310

Reviving feature phone in the age of smartphone

The challenge for Nokia was to re-enter the competitive market with a feature phone in the midst of the smartphone revolution. The task was to create sustained excitement and buzz around the re-release of the Nokia 3310, despite the prevalent dominance of smartphones.


Bringing people together

Nokia’s strategy was centered around evoking nostalgia and promoting personal connections. To achieve this, a unique keep sake pack was conceptualized. Key opinion leaders (KOLs) from across the country were carefully selected to receive a special keep sake pack. This pack contained a brand-new Nokia 3310, accompanied by other merchandise. The KOLs were tasked with choosing a long-lost friend they wished to reconnect with. The chosen friend would then receive an identical gift box, fostering the spirit of friendship and nostalgia.

The KOLs shared their unboxing experiences through live broadcasts on various social media platforms, including Facebook Live, Twitter, and Instagram. Their excitement resonated with their followers, who were equally delighted by the reintroduction of the Nokia 3310.

Nokia 3310

A massive comeback

Nokia 3310 comeback campaign achieved remarkable success. The official hashtag for the campaign, #3310isBack, trended at the top spot on Pakistan’s social media for over two days. As the gift boxes reached their intended recipients, a fresh wave of excitement surged, driving another trend with the hashtag #3310ForMyFriend.