Unlocking Luxury: Eighteen's Performance Marketing Triumph

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ObjectiveDelivering Results through Digital Lead Gen Campaign

In the challenging landscape of 2023, Eighteen, a distinguished luxury property brand, embarked on a mission to restore investor confidence and elevate their property sales. The primary objective was to generate direct sales through lead generation campaigns in a country grappling with a shaken investor’s confidence and property market uncertainties.

Eighteen Pakistan

Navigating Uncertainty, Maximizing Demand

Eighteen faced a multifaceted challenge. The economic uncertainty in the country, compounded by reduced international investment from non-resident foreign Pakistanis and the volatile nature of the dollar exchange rates, created a complex environment for property sales. Delivering potential leads through these uncertainties was paramount.


Precision and Persistence: The Funnel Strategy

Eighteen’s strategy revolved around precision and persistence. The brand committed to ad quality ranking and continuous optimization, focusing on optimizing Cost Per Lead (CPL). The investment was strategically allocated based on a Funnel Strategy, targeting potential audiences, dynamically tailoring ads, and displaying inventory based on users’ interests, behavior, and interactions across digital platforms.

The Performance Marketing Campaign was executed meticulously, with a focus on leveraging supportive platforms to maximize ROI. Affinity users were targeted by identifying the most relevant websites visited by potential customers. Ads were strategically displayed throughout the customer journey, with a focus on creating meaningful engagement on the website rather than just generating leads.


A Triumph Amidst Turbulence

Eighteen’s Performance Marketing Campaign achieved unprecedented success despite the challenging environment. The results were nothing short of remarkable, over 2 billion worth of direct sales associated with lead generation campaigns, surpassing all expectations.