Happilac Anti Viral Campaign


ObjectiveEducate Consumers That During COVID-19 Painting A House Can Be Fatal
Sense Of Support For The Painter Community

Two campaign objectives were given to the agency

  • Educate consumers that during COVID-19 painting a house can be fatal, as inhaling dust particles that spread around in the painting process and can cause breathing issues which can escalate health hazards during the lockdown.
  • Provoke a sense of support to the struggling communities during the pandemic.

7.6 Million


1.2 Million


2.9 Million


Happilac Anti Viral

Drive Awareness At The Cost Of Brand Sales

Refraining daily-wage artists and painters from getting houses painted would make them vulnerable.

The Brand wanted to do a social awareness campaign at the cost of brand sales.

While they knew they had a huge responsibility of painters who work on daily wages who’d be left vulnerable, they regardless wanted to raise more awareness around the message of safety.


Share To Care

During the COVID-19 lockdown citizens understood how to cope, however, the only and wise choice in this undesirable situation was to stay home.

While people stayed home, they had more time to spend on home improvement, including repainting their walls.

During these tough times, people were also prone to help others by any mean be it through social currency or by sharing thoughts and facts.

Antiviral Campaign

(Anti-viral for covid-19 spread out and possible eradication of health hazards)
We developed an anti-viral campaign to promote – Don’t paint your house while you are forced to stay inside since painting can be fatal in the current situation as you’re bound to inhale dust particles that spread around in the painting process and can be hazardous to you and your family.

On social media, we asked people to share this message more and more so that the awareness could be raised while making people feel good about spreading the right message and knowing that Happilac as a brand, cares about its consumers. For every interaction (like or share), Happilac promised to donate Rs.10/- to Painter’s Relief Fund on their behalf.

The campaign rolled out across digital platforms. Social media, premium placement, and publishers were used. Most of the investment was planned around Social Media to drive interaction.


Physical Distance Cannot Hold You From Caring For Others

The Campaign was pushed on owned social and digital platforms and also amplified on paid and earned social/digital platforms.

A multi-format ad units/ posts and creative assets were generated both video and static