Creative Executive

Islamabad & Karachi, Creative


  • Deliver valuable, insightful, and relevant creative copies for digital and social content.
  • Write compelling, purposeful, branded copies for targeted personas, promotions, and any writing context.
  • Develop, refine, edit, and proofread content for varied formats.
  • Assess long-term content strategies and recommend ways to integrate and streamline copy across multiple touchpoints for brands.
  • Edit, revise and proofreading all internal and external content tone/style/length/subject to drive engagement whenever required.
  • Collaborate with social media and digital teams to drive content idea generation that drives engagement and builds brand awareness.
  • Meeting with account management and strategy teams to discuss the client’s requirements and core messages, familiarizing yourself with the product, target audience and competitor activities in the market.
  • Brainstorming ideas and concepts for the visual and words with other members of the creative team.
  • Presenting initial ideas to the Creative Group Head/Creative Manager, some of which may be rejected or developed into workable concepts/copies.
  • Writing various copy options, which may be presented to the client as a story board
  • Modifying copy until the client is agreed and approved the work.
  • Undertaking the copy/ written content work within the agency in any form like social media posts, articles, website blog, website content, film/video content or translation of Urdu content into English whenever it is required.


  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in English, marketing, communications, or related field
  • Minimum experience of 1-2 years in advertising industry.